Winners from the Goathland Plough Stots 100 club draw for March and June 2020

March 2020NameNoPrize
1stAlison Williams128£100
2ndMick & Mel Adamson24£75
3rdJanet Gibbard139£50
4thDave & Gill Atkinson87£25
5thJohn & Debbie Eaves33£20
6thJack Atkinson85£15
7thJean Collins117£10
8thBrian Kell20£10
9thKen Allen68£10
10thKeith Thompson149£10
June 2020NameNoPrize
1stDan Atkinson89£100
2ndMartin Holland140£75
3rdMick & Mel Adamson24£50
4thJohn Yeoman126£25
5thGeoff Kirk81£20
6thJohn Bruce4£15
7thDuncan Jackson27£10
8thLuke Taylor91£10
9thRichard Gibson70£10
10thNev Worley62£10